The Cincinnati Computer Cooperative provides refurbished computer systems complete with software, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Qualified individuals, students, seniors, schools and non-profits can purchase a refurbished computer from the Cincinnati Computer Cooperative at a discount.

  • The CCC is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher under the Citizenship license to supply refurbished PCs pre-installed with Genuine products as a we a non-profit charitable organization.
  • As a Microsoft Registered Refubisher we
    • provide customers with a professionally refurbished computer that comes pre-installed with a legitimate Microsoft software licenses
    • provide data wiping security services  which helps to protect data security
    • Use environmentally sustainable best practices when refurbishing computers and work to reduce environmental e-waste.
    • A complete refurbished PC solution at a great value.

Avoid becoming a victim of software piracy when buying or selling a refurbished PC

  • It is a refurbisher’s responsibility to ensure a PC is professionally refurbished and properly licensed with genuine software before it is sold to a new customer.
  • A refurbisher or retailer could be subject to liability for copyright infringement if a PC is sold with an improperly licensed copy of Windows.

Computer 4 Home Program

This is designed for low income families, students and elderly with a computer for personal use. If you are interested in discounts and check to see if you qualify please check here.


How To Order and Pick Up a  Refurbished Computer

  1. Download and complete all sections of the order form.
  2. Bring the completed order form to our office on Wednesday 6-9 PM or Saturday 9 AM-12 PM.
  3. Bring proof of qualification (student ID, licence, etc).
  4. We accept cash or credit cards for payment.
  5. Attend a training class on Wednesday or Saturday during our normal hours to qualify for free virus removal in the first year.

More about Purchasing a Refurbished Computer

After donated computers are evaluated and any data destroyed, our refurbishing area volunteers rebuild computers to strict standards.  Through a special program with Microsoft, MS Windows and Office products are added to the rebuilt desktop or laptop computer.  The refurbished product is then sold for little more than the cost of the software plus it comes with a 1 year hardware warranty and 2 years of system support.

We offer both rebuilt desktop and laptop computers (when available). To qualify to purchase these computers through our special programs, you will need to prove that you are a student, a senior, or on reduced income.

Schools and other non-profit organizations, please contact us directly with the from below.