We are a 501 C3 organization who recycles and reuses donated business computers to benefit the Cincinnati community and we depend upon the support of businesses to help us achieve our mission.  If you would like to learn more about how to donate and recycle your used business computer equipment, please provide any details in the contact form below.
We do not charge for recycling computer equipment, but prefer that you deliver the products to our location.  If you have a truckload or more of material, we can arrange for pick-up at your expense.
Remember, we treat your data securely but suggest you wipe any sensitive business information yourself if possible.

All products are first evaluated for reuse and refurbishing, then any obsolete or broken parts are ethically recycled to eliminate or minimize the impact on landfills.
Please contact Frank Adams at 513-771-3262 or contact us with the form below to arrange details for computer donations